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Wildlife- and naturephotography with Edwin van der Meer

Common Kingfischer

Globetrotter and  wildlife photographer

My Passion: the beauty of the world in pictures !

Since I started to photograph in the early 70's I visit many countries around the world. Since the 80's the first Canon eos digital camera came on the market, it was easier to sort out the best pictures and to overwork it with the different programms. And so I started to find the most exiting birds from Europe. I would like to take not only beautiful photos, but also tell stories and point out the sensitive areas, habitats and endangered animals and plant species. But of course also show the beauty of nature.

All recordings are mine and are only taken in the wild. So no recordings of animals in the zoo, caging and breeding such as falconry or other trained animals.

Come with me on my journey across Europe with all its beauties but also critical comments from me and take a look at the other page within this website. Many Thanks!