Austria, Northern bald ibis

A return at the EU project in May 2022: the northern bald ibis

The Return of the Bald Ibis in Europe

Another successful return of the northern bald ibis from the wintering grounds in Italy (Tuscany).

After they arrived again, they immediately began to prepare the nest building. This time all breeding pairs immediately took up positions in the natural breeding wall near Kuchl. The first eggs have been incubated for around 14 days. The incubation period is 27 to 28 days. After 45 to 50 days, during which the young animals are also fed by other adults in the colony, they fledge, but remain with their parents for a longer period of time to learn how to obtain food.

I had the opportunity to talk to a member of staff during the two hours I was there to take photos. She was one of the tutors of the northern bald ibis who hand-reared the chicks and knows all the individuals by name. She was also present on the first overflight with an ultralight aircraft over the Alps to their wintering area in Tuscany, where the northern bald ibises now fly back and forth independently.

She is particularly pleased that this project has become such a success. Also by the residents in the vicinity who all support this project.