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On the first day. That means getting up at 5:30 a.m. and at the latest by 7:00 a.m. Everything is still dark outside, sunrise at 9:10 a.m. Until then, it's time to be quiet, set up cameras, adjust settings and wait until there is enough light. Close your eyes every now and then!

First, the jay comes in front of the lens. It's blowing outside and it's only -7C. (I didn't know that it would be even colder in the next few days). Iso to 4000.

The magpie. Then the next visitor came. Thank goodness it finally got a little lighter. It was now 11 o'clock. Snowfall! The forecast was gloomy, with three days of snowfall. But I had traveled to Sweden to photograph animals in the snow, so what the heck! I'm curious if he'll come, the golden eagle! Iso to 3200

The Nordic bullfinch. It is probably one of the most beautiful birds in the north. The difference between the European and Nordic bullfinches is first of all the voice. This sounds completely different. You hardly notice any difference from a feather dress. Iso to 2000!

No golden eagles!

On the second day. Back at the hut at 7. It's cold again and it's still snowing. -9C. and wind. These will be beautiful pictures again.

And then he stops by for a moment. The golden eagle. He has settled in the tree and sits majestically there! What splendor of a bird. She was powerful and silent. Yes it was a you. Larger and more powerful than the male. With a wingspan of up to 230cm and a weight of up to 6.7kg and a body length of up to one meter, it's really impressive!

Of course, the ravens have been there all along. The first thing you notice by their behavior is that the golden eagle is nearby. Suddenly the ravens fly away and watch everything from a safe distance. The ravens only do that when the golden eagle comes, they have respect. With a white-tailed eagle that doesn't matter, on the contrary, they still try to chase away!

The following types of birds kept coming back over the whole three days.

Willow tit, great spotted woodpecker, jay, magpie, raven and the greenfinch. Briefly seen the crested tit


The third and last day. We have minus 15C. !!

And after we had re-entered our photo hut at 7 and the wood stove had heated up, we both really felt that today was something different. There is something in the air.

She came back, the golden eagle.

And as a bonus, the white-tailed eagle and red fox. Man, I was glad. Took a lot of spectacular pictures. With almost frozen fingers (this hut has lens openings and no mirror glass, thank God), Conny our guide went back to his house to warm up. And after a strong goulash, after a debriefing and comparing photos, we went to bed satisfied.

I have my golden eagle in the snowy landscape!

On the next day on the way back to Skelleftea airport, we had to stop for a moment, when I saw a hawk owl when I said goodbye. A wonderful end to this unforgettable trip.

I will not forget this trip in my whole life. Thank you Sweden (Conny) and to my brother Harold.

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