Photo tour Norway September 2015

From Muskox, Karibus and White-tailed eagle

On the first day it rains easily, and it has about 14C. So dressing warm and dry hot it is there. After an hour of climbing to a lookout point, let's take the telescope in our hand to look for dark spots in the distance. These could be musk oxen. Go. After a very steep mountain slope down, it continues for another 4 hours on foot. At first we didn't expect that to drag on. But this walk has paid off. We stood between a group of 14 animals. We shouldn't get too close, max. 200 eter says. We were in the middle of it all. At about 20-50 meters you were standing there at once.
We continued on foot again in the mountains. We wanted to look for snow chickens, snow bunnies, snow owls and lemmings. Unfortunately, we have not been able to do so. According to the Dovrefjell Ranger's, it was a very bad year for the Lemminge, and thus also for the snow owl. In September is already hunting season again, but the hunters hunt only reindeer, and here there is strict regulation.
On this day we dealt with landscape photography.
Since the areas in the Dovrefjell are so wide, you can walk around for days and always discover something new. On foot or by car? It is best to drive to a pre-defined exit point, then continue on foot. This is the best way to discover the landscapes and to experience many surprises. From stone and sea eagles, reindeer and moose.
All I can say is: a great adventure and pure relaxation!

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