Puszta Eldorado, Puszta Wildlife

Small holiday park, great fun in nature.

Puszta Wildlife organizes nature trips in central Hungary. This area is an unknown European gem with a history, culture and nature that will more than stimulate your imagination. A region with a very varied character and with a magical attraction. Steppes, wetland, mountain and river countries form a varied landscape and provide diverse flora and fauna.

Puszta Wildlife works together with independent guides. They know where to find which bird or other animal and guide you to the best and most beautiful places in and around 6 National Parks.

Puszta Eldorado organizes tailor-made packages for nature lovers. These arrangements are fully taken care of from arrival to departure. Includes guest house, breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-alcoholic drinks and cabin/tour/guide.

Puszta Wildlife owns and manages (meanwhile 8) photo shelters where you can take beautiful pictures of birds and other animals. These huts are located in prime locations where you as a tourist will never reach yourself. Nature experience is a must here.

For pictures of these offered trips please look at the following page:

Hungary phototour

Travel report hungary

Please note that everything must be booked and processed directly through Puszta Wildlife / Eldorado!

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