Netherlands february

In the village of Wageningen, there was a sizeable group of long-eared owls. However, the group was reduced from about 25 to about 13 because the owls' sleeping tree fell victim to the last storms in spring.

Unfortunately, the number of Egyptian geese is increasing. This invasive species, which once fled an animal facility, is aggressive towards other geese and can result in brood losses as they destroy the other geese's eggs.

The great crested grebe feels very comfortable in this area. This is an annual specimen.

A formation flight of greylag geese and a number of white-fronted geese over this magnificent area. This group was unfortunately chased away, probably by hunters in the area but outside the sanctuary.

The white stork is now wintering more and more in the Netherlands due to the warming caused by climate change. This couple has been here for a number of years.